Mossglade Fabrics Ltd
We are pleased to introduce a bookcloth manufacturer, owned and based in the UK offering you versatility, quality, innovation and reduced costs. This company is called Mossglade Ltd and has been created to serve the needs of a modern market for technical textile coating requirements.

FabricsFor a period of over 150 years, the method of bookcloth production be impregnation of starches has been continuously improved. Mossglade has been endeavoring to introduce modern processing technology with the express intention of improving quality standards and efficiency, to minimise costs, improve versatility and maintain traditional bookcloth fabrics at affordable prices.

If you have any enquiries regarding our range of coated fabrics, please contact us either by phone, fax or e-mail any we will respond.

Test TubesFor several years now, Mossglade has been developing new coatings for use in a variety of fields, whilst we do not release details of these innovative ideas until our fabrics have been fully tested and approved by selected end users and a nationally recognised textile testing laboratory, we recommend that in order to keep customers informed of our advances, that you send us an e-mail address along with your field of interest with regards to textiles, and when we have developed a product in your field, we will contact you.

Fabric RollsThe same coating methods can be used to produce a wide range of fabrics for bookbinding, filemaking, stationery production, abrasive base cloths, vertical blinds, indeed almost any textile application can be achieved by using special compounds.

Mossglade is asking any company wishing to review their commission coating or calendering costs to test our methods of production, we can also investigate any ideas that you may have regarding new products not currently available in the UK

A. P. Mack

Registered in England
VAT Reg.No.940 1950 38

1 Helmet Street
M1 2NT

Telephone: 0161-274-4147
Mobile: 07846-977219
skype: Skype Me™!

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